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Is this a tribute to Jordan-Peele’s artistic and financial Hollywood influence or a blatant rip-off?

Social media got fired up when the trailer for the movie, ‘Karen’ dropped. It’s a flick about a racist White woman who makes life hell for her new Black neighbors.

It looks more like an SNL skit starring Rachel Dratch than a movie I’d brave a theater to see. 

Some naysayers on Twitter point to what they call a “White people are scary” formula. There was lots of acclaim and big profits for Peele’s “Get Out.” It was a psychological thriller about a man whose White girlfriend was a sci-fi, kidnapping Karen from a serial killing family.

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“Get Out” was the type of movie, like “Sixth Sense” that made you want to watch it over and over again. With every view you spotted a nuance that you’d missed the time before. “Karen” is a couchy weekend after you’ve already watched all the good stuff on Netflix and HBO Max.



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