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Source: ODD ANDERSEN / Getty

‘American Idol’ fans demand Katy Perry to be ‘Permanently Replaced’ by Alanis Morissette.

Last week on ‘American Idol’ Alanis Morissette temporarily filled in for Katy Perry while she was away performing at King Charles III’s coronation, and fans of the show are “demanded that the judge be replaced permanently.” Twitter fans loved the new judging trio of Luke Bryan, Sheeran, and Alanis, tweeting out, “SOOOOOO nice watching’ the program ‘without having to hold the remote’ to ‘mute’ Perry and Richie ‘every time they open their mouths. Now change those two judges out PERMANENTLY!” Katy and Lionel will return for ‘Disney Night’ on Sunday, May 14.

What did you think of the guest judges? Who do you think will win this season of ‘American Idol?’