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What came first the chicken or the egg and in Hip Hop would Salt-N-Pepa still been Salt-N-Pepa without the DJ Spinderella?

The epic biopic of Salt-N-Pepa on The Lifetime channel went down last night giving us the background story of the rise of the original all girl band. Although Hip Hop fans and historians were pumped going into last nights Salt-N-Pepa not everyone was happy about it, especially the DJ for Salt-N-Pepa, Spinderella, and she decided to ‘Express Herself’ on IG about not get what she felt should have been her flowers in the project.

So if you watched the biopic last night and are old enough to have read Word Up Magazine back in the day you know that the pioneer group started off with just Herbie Love Bug as their quote end quote DJ when he felt after the success of the Dougie Fresh diss track they should have a female DJ, thinking it would be great for optics. The original Spinderella went AWOL only seen on the first album before Herbie found a teenager by the name of Deidra Roper ie the new DJ Spinderella.  Over the years Spin has felt that she has not got her just do in history and the biopic has only added salt to the wound.

In an Instagram post Spinderella had this to say about the Salt-N-Pepa biopic

For those asking or wondering of my involvement in SnPs Lifetime special..


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