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Lewis Capaldi Performs At PRYZM Kingston

Source: Shane Anthony Sinclair / Getty

Lewis Capaldi says he is prepared to QUIT music if his mental health struggles continue to grow.   The BRIT Award nominee, who has Tourette’s, spoke out to Rebecca Judd on Apple Music 1 show. Lewis said, “I think on this album in particular I talk a bit more about my mental health, which has taken a beating over the last little while. I’m managing it better now.”  He continued, “If I did another album and my head was scrambled and I felt horrible, right now I’m at a point where I can balance my mental health and how I feel in general. Not even just mental health, but the trade-off is worth it.”  “I’ll take a few panic attacks and my Tourettes and stuff for what’s happening, but if it gets to the point where things get worse mentally and I stop kind of looking after myself in that regard, I think that would be a point where I’d be like, ‘I’m just not going to do this anymore’.”

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