From #MeatlessMonday to the 2021 vegetable grilling trend veggies are owning the spotlight. Conservationists are turning their backs on beef and pork while chicken prices are soaring. Frying vegetables might not be the healthiest way to eat your three cups a day, but they can certainly be a delicious treat at a local restaurant.

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  1. FRIED DILL PICKLES: Greg’s Pickles at Pinky’s West Side Grill in Charlotte and Huntersville do not disappoint. The ranch dressing dip is a nice addition, but not even necessary to enjoy the dish.
  2. FRIED SQUASH: At a vegan restaurant, there is an expectation of vegetable excellence. Bean Vegan Cuisine in Charlotte delivers with its squash nuggets. You can get ranch on the side, but a sample, before you dip, to give your tastebuds the organic experience.
  3. FRIED GREEN BEANS: French cut green beans go Southern-fried at Sammy’s Pub in Belmont and Dallas. Dip them in the horsey rancy for a spicy kick.
  4. FRIED GREEN TOMATOES: For Southern fried green tomatoes with the perfect Sunday dinner flavor head to the mall in Gastonia. Southern Flavour at Westfield Mall is gaining a tasty reputation among soul foodies. No dip needed, EVER.
  5. EGGPLANT FRIES: Move over potatoes there are some new fries in town and they’re not French. You don’t know how much you love eggplant until you try the eggplant fries at The String Bean in Belmont. The flash-fried strips of eggplant are served with chipotle ranch.

– Ramona Holloway