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Fresh roasted cheeseburger as healthy snack for bbq.

Source: Shaiith / Getty

Calling all hamburger fans!

May 28th is National Hamburger Day and Liz needs your assistance finding the best hamburger in Charlotte.

Yelp recently ranked the 100 best burger joints all over the country and two (two!) are right here in Charlotte.

Coming in sixth-ranked is South Park’s own The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar. And can I just say, wow, what a hybrid?!?

They have the “Burgushi” which is a burger smashed into a sushi roll and that is exactly the menu item everyone needs in their lives.

Also on the list, Living Kitchen in South End ranks 32nd which is kind of a plot twist since it’s Vegetarian and Vegan. Options for everyone! (Upon consulting their menu, it’s a house made gluten-free quinoa veggie burger.)

Where’s your favorite and will you please tell Liz?