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Source: LOIC VENANCE / Getty

The band Artikal Sound System sued Dua Lipa last year, claiming her 2020 song ‘Levitating’ borrowed its core hook from their 2017 tune “Live Your Life,” but a federal judge disagrees.

The ruling found no sign that anyone involved in creating “Levitating” had had “access” to the earlier song.

The judge wrote, “These attenuated links, which bear little connection to either of the two musical compositions at issue here, also do not suggest a reasonable likelihood that defendants actually encountered plaintiffs’ song.”

The ruling has dismissed the lawsuit against Dua, but the case isn’t over.

The judge ruled that Artikal Sound System could try to fix the mistakes she had identified and refiled a so-called amended complaint.

Neither attorney has commented on the ruling or the case.

Watch the video below to hear the similarities and let us know what you think.