Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders

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First and foremost, Carl Nassib for just being his damn self! It takes a huge amount of courage and bravery to let the world know who you are.

Nassib of the Las Vegas Raiders, told the world last week he was gay! Making him the first active NFL player, that we know of, to do so. In light, the NFL has come out to say “Football is gay” in support of Nassib’s announcement and as a gay man, I have to say, it’s seems to be a tad bit unbelievable.

The NFL’s support was a simple yet provoking video that starts with a black background and white words saying “Football is gay”. The video continues to say “Football is…” with other inclusive based terms and words. The reason I believe it’s fake because it doesn’t seem genuine.

The NFL has never shown interest in being an ally to the powers that be gay until Carl came out. Which isn’t bad…. but it seems to be fake in world that has been changing for years to accept that LGBTQ+ lifestyle.

If Carl had not shown the world a true side of himself would the National Football League be showing support to a group that has been longing for acceptance from others for so long?

When Colin Kaepernick took a knee to support the stop of police brutality to Black people in America, the NFL shunned him and still does, technically. Yet their new visual includes “Football is freedom”


How is that possible if you wouldn’t back up someone that was taken action to do something he believed to be right? Why would we believe that the NFL thinks it to be okay with one cause but not the other. This is where confusion and disbelief hold admission for me.

Again, it’s great that they are in supports of Carl. Especially when it comes to helping donate to the Trevor project but why did it take someone showing their true nature for you to finally support their community. I don’t believe it should have taken this long to do anything about that. Then again, change doesn’t necessarily come the way we think that it should.

Also, Football isn’t Gay! It’s a sport. If you want to support, just say that you do. No need for the extra marketing.

Let me know how you feel about the NFL’s new support of Carl Nassib and the LGBTQ+ community by commenting below!

-Eric Kelley II