Forget the calculator. A Charlotte restaurant is taking the guesswork out of tipping by adding a 23% service charge to your bill. Leah and Louise in Camp North End is passing along the money to hostesses, servers and the folks making the delicious soul food in the kitchen.

Customers won’t see an increase in menu prices, but the owners, Greg and Subrina Collier, understand that some diners won’t like the move. That’s a chance they are willing to take to be a part of what they believe is positive change in the hospitality industry.

Leah and Louise is the perfect eatery to lead the way. It opened and thrived during the pandemic. The Colliers’ “modern juke joint” was named the second best restaurant in the country by Esquire Magazine last year. Will other owners follow suit? If not they might lose experienced workers who have lots of job choices in the midst of a national labor shortage. Leah and Louise servers will take home $30 to $40 per hour. The kitchen staff will earn $17 per hour to start.