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Billy Crystal and John Goodman back as Mike and Sully for ‘Monsters at Work’

It has been a long time since the release of ‘Monsters, Inc’, and it looks like Disney+ is ready to turn the movie into a tv series. Fans can be excited because the original ‘Mike and Sully’ will be returning to voice the characters for the new series. John Goodman and Billy Crystal have signed on to join the 10-episode Disney+ series. Billy Crystal said, “The story continues and [there are] great new characters. [It’s] really funny and brilliantly animated. I was really shocked, in the best way, when I saw the level of animation for the series. It’s fantastic.” John Goodman said, “It’s so damn good. You get comfortable in it and you forget how painstaking and specific that they are and it’s delightful. It’s like putting on a favorite old jacket or piece of clothing. It just fits so well and it’s the tailoring that makes all the difference and [the fact that] Pixar is the tailor, that’s just great.”

This show will feature new characters voiced by Mindy Kaling, Ben Feldman, Henry Winkler, and more. ‘Monsters At Work’ begins streaming on Disney+ July 7th. Which one of your favorite celebrities has the perfect voice for a cartoon? What is your favorite Pixar movie?