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Kevin Hart is the latest celebrity joining the podcast wave, in his case, partnering with SiriusXM to debut a new show with Jerry Seinfeld as his first guest. 

The satellite radio company announced that “Inside Jokes with Kevin Hart” launched its inaugural episode under his very own channel, Laugh Out Loud Radio, on Wednesday (Jan. 27), per The Grio 

Don’t get too attached to the name, though. It’s currently undergoing change– more on that later. 

On the new series, Hart will interview top comedians and rising stars to chronicle their comedy club experiences and share “never-before-heard” stories.  

Joining Seinfeld on the upcoming lineup are legends Steve Harvey, Bill Burr, Cedric the Entertainer, Desus & Mero, Nick Kroll, Hasan Minhaj, and Zainab Johnson.

“I’m sitting down with some of the best voices in comedy to give my listeners the stories behind the jokes they hear on stage,” Hart said in a statement. “Comedians have been through it all, and I’m excited that I’ll be digging deep into the lives of my peers for my first podcast.”

In addition to “Inside Jokes,” the Laugh Out Loud channel has two new shows on their roster, “Date Night with Chris and Vanessa” airing on Fridays and “The Ladies Room with Jazzy” on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Both shows, promising original content, also debuted this week.

 This podcast announcement is the first move on the pint-size comedian’s chessboard. Last year, Hart inked a multi-platform deal with SiriusXM that promised the creative control needed to expand his original comedic content into additional programming streams. Next up, he’s looking to roll out radio shows, more podcasts, and on-demand video.

Now, remember that mention about the show’s name change? Well, Hart is in the process of rebranding it after catching heat on social media from comedian Andrew Schulz.

On Wednesday, “The Brilliant Idiots” podcaster lambasted Kevin on Twitter for naming his latest venture “Inside Jokes” because it shares the same name as his podcast show. Apple dates his earliest episode on April 18, 2019. 

“A simple google search would show an existing Inside Jokes show with MILLIONS of views already,” Schulz said in his post. “They knew the same show with the same name existed already and didn’t care. I guess Kev got tired of ice baths?”

Kevin caught the virtual bat signal and promised to rebrand the show with a new name. 

“I know in your world this makes sense…but in all honesty it wasn’t the case,” Kevin replied. “My team made me aware of this and our title is now being changed. I apologize on me & my teams behalf. We wish you nothing but the best & more success champ. All changes are being made ASAP.”

No word on what the new name will be, but hopefully his team will do research before launching it this time around.  Google is free, you know.

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