If you think the title is inappropriate, you would be correct because it was made by Matthew Harris! We all know how ridiculous Matt can be and this episode is no exception.

He’s back and on this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona; Matt tells us about his recent trip to a pool. Imagine you’re at the pool. The restroom seems like a half a mile away and there’s a sign that tells you can’t use the bathroom while wearing a wet bathing suit. Matt of course broke that rule even though he says his bathing suit was only damp. Well hell! What’s the difference between it being wet or damp?

Ramona tells us sometimes she changes accents depending on who she’s talking to and Eric helps her figure out why that is! It’s called empathy. We all try to make the best connection we can with people when we’re talking to them; even if it be for only a few minutes. If you’re empathetic, then you’re brain will try to make that connection by mimicking a person’s accent. That’s crazy right! Well that’s the human brain for you.

Welcome back Matt on OFF AIR!