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NFL: AUG 12 Preseason - Jets at Panthers

Source: Icon Sportswire / Getty

So there’s that?

There were glimpses of Uptown Charlotte, Bank of America Stadium and Spartanburg South Carolina in Tuesday’s episode of the NFL-based reality show “Hard Knocks.”

Oh, and glimpses of the actual Panthers. (Womp, womp.) (The Panthers lost 27-0.)

It was undoubtedly a meaningless game so let’s move past that.

“Hard Knocks” follows the Jets this preseason so the film crew followed the Jets to Charlotte!

It was cool to see the Welcome to South Carolina sign, Wofford College, the Panthers in action at practice against Rodgers and the Jets, our skyline and Bank of America Stadium.

Also worth noting – Rodgers interacting with Panthers players and coaches was pretty delightful. With Rodgers even dapping up Bryce Young with a “What’s up, stud?” and telling him he’s a big fan of Bryce’s.