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Ja Rule on TMZ

Source: TMZ / TMZ

Either Ja Rule is an exceptional troll or he is absolutely spectacular when it comes to failing to read the room. The Queens rapper recently said former President Donald Trump would be welcome on his Iconn app.

In case you missed it, Iconn is Ja’s celebrity booking app. Iconn is also the name of his brand, which last year added fashionable face coverings to their catalog. Mask up.

But anyway, the point here is Ja recently told TMZ that the racist, white supremacist and insurrection-inciting worst POTUS in the history of the nation was welcome to come kick it on Iconn, so long as he behaves. This is of course after Trump wore out his welcome on your favorite social media sites and apps like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

“I suppose if he starts doing crazy things like trying to rile up his base and get the Proud Boys going on Iconn, then he got to go,” said Ja Rule with a laugh. “Any funny sh*t of you Donnie, and you gotta go.”

Ja did say banning Trump from Twitter was right decision, but he says it’s a slippery slope. Spoiler in the form of a question—where has Trump ever acted civilized.

Ja Rule also offered totally unsolicited advice regarding the whole Gamestop and Robinhood debacle. This is where we remind you that being a rapper does not require familiarity with financial markets or SEC guidelines. The Fyre Festival has also put a damper on Ja’s credibility on just about everything besides duets with Ashanti, moving forward. So good luck with that.


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