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Friday night, I had an amazing dinner at Salmeri’s Italian Kitchen, in Ft. Mill. One of the best dinners I have had in years. The portions were big, so my wife and I had nice size portions leftover. We put the delectable dishes in the back seat of the car and drove home. That night I dreamed about my leftovers. When I woke up in the morning I couldn’t wait for lunch. I wanted that pasta, and I wanted it NOW. I opened the fridge and screamed, “NOOOOO!” (in a movie it would have been in slow motion). Our darn food was still in the car!! How is it possible neither of us remembered to bring it in?  For that matter how did I not remember, the next day, that I did not bring it in the night before. I considered eating it anyway, and rolling the dice on a little salmonella, but my wife wouldn’t allow it.  Eating meat that had been cooking in 90 degree heat for 16 hours in a vehicle would probably be a recipe for some serious toilet time. So, I took her advice and passed on the SUV heated bolognese and chicken parm. I’m a dope!

Have you suffered this food tragedy?