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LeBron James was paying attention when the folks who got the first peek at “Space Jam: A New Legacy” called the movie trash. But not only did professional movie critics give it the thumbs down, fans of the original film and of Michael Jordan hated it too Ramona Holloway, Max “Squatch” Truesdale and Eric Kelley, II from “Matt and Ramona” in the morning on Mix 107.9 all wish wish they’d made better decisions with their time and money. Does Lebron care that he ripped off movie fans? Absolutely not. Over the weekend the future hall-of-famer was pouting on social media. He was giving critics the old “nanna-nanna-boo-boo” about ‘Space Jam’ coming in first at the box office. LeBron posted a link with the caption, “Hi Haters!” Sure, it made A LOT OF MONEY. Projections are over $31 million. But, Eric says just because a movie managed to cash in on opening weekend, doesn’t make it a good movie.

Max thinks part of the problem was LeBron trying way too hard to be a comedic actor. He says, “In the original ‘Space Jam’ Jordan was just being himself. He wasn’t trying to act like a character.” Was LeBron acting like Mike? The original movie was created for Jumpman 23. That means it is the legacy of the owner of the Charlotte Hornets.

Ramona doubts LeBron’s movie will stay on top for long. She says, “It should plummet quickly. If it doesn’t it might be confirmation for LeBron that he’s on Michael Jordan’s level. I found it very interesting that King James was rocking Charlotte colors in the movie.”The three agree that instead of chasing Jordan, it might have been a better look to wear a combo of Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat colors…. and also to have your own original movie, not a really bad attempt at a franchise.

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