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Source: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN / WENN


According to sources, Blake Shelton is being blocked by Gwen Stefani’s Ex over adopting his kids.

Gavin Rossdale is upset about Blake trying to adopt his and Stefani’s sons. The source says, “Blake loves those kids like they were his own already. He doesn’t want to be just a friend to them, he wants to properly become their dad. Adopting them would be the perfect solution. He’s already made a good impression on all three boys, and he’s envisioning teaching them more about music, ranching, horses, and nature.”

The source also states, “Gavin’s not willing to give Blake an inch on this subject. He’s sounding a firm ‘no’ and doesn’t appreciate the way Blake’s trying to steal his kids away. Gavin’s not going away, and Blake better mind his step, or a serious disagreement may be looming on the horizon.”

Do you think Blake Shelton is wrong for trying to adopt Gwen’s sons without consulting her Ex? Or do you think Gavin Rossdale is wrong for stopping the adoption process?