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Matthew Perry, who starred in Friends, came dangerously close to becoming embroiled in a controversy involving betraying Monica, but he abandoned the entire plot.

Speaking with Lisa Cash, who starred in the 1999 season 5 episode “The One in Vegas: Part 1,” she said that although she was hired as an extra, her part in the episode was initially far more contentious—or would have been, had Matthew not raised his voice.

According to her, the script called for Courteney Cox’s character Monica to get into a heated dispute with Chandler, after which Lisa’s character would bring food up to Chandler’s room.

After his major altercation with Monica, it seems that Chandler and Lisa’s characters clicked, as Chandler even went so far as to have an affair with a hotel employee.

Perry felt like the fans would hold an eternal grudge against his character and demanded the writers change the script.

How would you have reacted if the script never changed?