Are you the definition of “cheugy”? Pronounced CHEW-jee, it’s a trendy way of saying that you’re off-trend. Confused? Check out @CheugLife on Instagram. Some see it as a Gen-Z way to throw shade at older generations. As a mature woman who has developed her own style over the years, I’m ready to embrace cheug and I’m inviting you to do the same.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still interested in the latest fashions and home decor, but I’m no longer a slave to buying what’s new and hot. I check out the various articles about what is considered outdated and decide what I’m willing to keep and what’s ok to toss. Maturity finds me balancing my favorite classics with the popular colors, cuts and silhouettes. Bottom line? I’m not cheugy. I’m choosy! There are several things I’m not ditching, no matter how basic they appear to be to the trend chasers.  Some of the cheug banter is fun to talk about, but some of it smells a bit mean-girlish. Folks who can’t afford a wardrobe overhaul are cheugy? Women who don’t jump on every bandwagon that rolls by are cheugy? 

I’m living my best cheug life with help from these things that somebody’s daughter or son decided are now uncool…

Side Part: Whenever I feel like switching up my hair I will. Side, middle or no part at all…. my hair, my choice.

Skinny Jeans: Boxy jeans make my already boxy figure look boxier. While I can embrace the comfort of baggier styles, I’m hanging onto my favorite skinny jeans with the stretch built right in. 

Pandora Bracelets: My bracelet and the beads on it were a gift. I treasure gifts. Anything that allegedly wreaks of cheuginess that was given to me in love and kindness, stays in the mix. 

Alex and Ani Bangles: The same gift philosophy I apply to Pandora, goes for Alex and Ani. Each charm has a special meaning that reminds of the thoughtfulness of the gift-giver.

UGG Boots: Heaven for my feet from November to March. Nuff said.

TOMS: The brand is about more than just a look. The intention of the shoe brand extended beyond fashion. Yes, it is a for-profit brand, but the company decided to chase sustainability with philanthropy. While TOMS no longer donates a pair for every pair purchased, one-third of the profits go to grassroots organizations addressing everything from mental health to bringing an end to gun violence. Beside they’re comfy too. 

Hobo Bags: I have stuff. I like to keep that stuff with me. The tiny purses that have been trending aren’t even big enough to hold my phone and hand sanitizer.

Wooden Signs:  Whether it’s a reminder to “live, laugh and love” or “faith over fear” I’m a fan of keeping affirmations in sight. Inspirational reminders aren’t a trend. For many of us they are a way of life.   

Bohemian Home Decor:  I have no use for cookie-cutter looks at home. My walls, bedding and furniture are curated to match my aesthetic. 

What is deemed too kitschy today could be a collector’s dream tomorrow. So, no matter what cheug-haters say about rose gold or your owl-themed everything, stay choosy!

– Ramona Holloway