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Parents, are you pumped for back to school? Ready to celebrate! Party like it’s 2019 (that is the last time some kids went to school before Covid)!

Well, you are not alone. Almost half (48%) of parents of school aged children plan on celebrating when their kids go back to school. 22 per cent are going so far as heading for a vacation.

The time kids have been away from school really came into context when my daughter mentioned she was 14 years old  the last time she had a first day at her school.  She is now 16. A lot happens to a person from the age of 14 to 16.

Of course, she reminded me that she also has not gone back to school shopping in 2 years. So, I better warm up that credit card.

The average parent says they will spend $843 on each child for back to school shopping. That’s up 19% from last year.Are you celebrating your kids going back?

– Matt Harris