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Cardi B "Cardi B Tries"

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I know what you’re thinking…Cardi B does gymnastics? Isn’t she pregnant? Yes to all of the above. The Type Sh*t rapper gave us her best Simone Biles impression in a warming new episode of “Cardi Tries __.” Ok not quite, but it’s the Summer Games and it sounded good. Cardi doesn’t do any flips or tumbles (duh: she’s pregnant and this is rhythmic gymnastics), but she does show off her not-so-impressive hula hooping and baton twirling skills alongside Amanda Seales in a fun clip.

“I’ve never been a person that hula-hoops, and I can tell you now… I never will be!” Cardi joked in the clip wearing a sparkly uniform and hair in a 90s inspired updo. Jokes aside, Cardi and Amanda discussed the impact gymnastics on young Black girls in particular.

“It teaches you discipline. The person I am today I can 100% say is because I was in gymnastics and it teaches you to keep getting up when you fall,” Amanda revealed.

Cardi revealed she is considering gymnastics for her daughter Kulture. “I am not a flexible person, however, everything that I can do I’m gonna make sure my daughter can do. Now that she turned three, I’m gonna put her in gymnastics class. I just want her to be really flexible because being flexible always takes you a long way with everything.”

When Cardi isn’t hanging around the gym, she’s slaying on the ‘gram. She’s always fashionable, but we’re loving her maternity style.

Cardi revealed her pregnancy at the 2021 BET Awards when she appeared onstage beside her husband Offset. While she hasn’t dropped any hints at the sex of her baby or due date, so we’ll just have to keep it locked to her social for when her new baby makes his or her big debut!

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