There’s a new chicken sandwich crossing the road folks and his name is Bojangles!

Their new chicken sandwich has hit the market with a new slogan “So Clucking Good!”. The phrase is grabbing just as much attention as the taste of the new filet sandwich Bojangles is now serving.

The reviews and opinions of the public are thicker than a bowl of oatmeal! Some are concerned that the word “clucking” is offensive, too close to a certain curse word and that kids will starting misusing the word.

On the other hand, some are saying “Your kids are probably smart enough to know that chickens cluck”. Translation: get over yourself parents! It’s just a word!

Here are some the comments we found to be quite spicy!

MARJORIE: We do NOT like your new slogan “so clucking good”. Surely you can do better than that. BOJANGLES:Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. We appreciate you as a customer and you taking the time to provide us feedback. We will ensure that this information gets to the appropriate teams.

FRANK:  I am sure this is a good sandwich. The new slogan “ so Cluckin Good. “ is a takeoff on profanity. Therefore, you will not see us in Bojangles again. There is no sense in subtly suggesting this type of speech . Unfortunately this is a word that is used too frequently and loosely today. What happened to honest speech in good taste ??
But what are people saying about the actual sandwich? Lots of folks on the Bojangles page are saying it’s really cluckin’ good. At last check, not one of them had slipped up and used the “F” word instead, but there is some “Karen” name-calling, some folks begging for Bojangles to put a new restaurant near them and a dude named Brandon who is campaigning for the return of the Cajun Filet Sandwich. 

Eric Franklin Shook THE NEW CHAMPION OF CHOMP!I didn’t think Chick-fil-A could be beat, but now it has.

Matt and Ramona, longtime Bojangles fans, think the roosters and chickens making the advertising decisions have found a cluckin’ clever way to get some attention right before tailgate season kicks off.

Do you think it sends the wrong message by sounding a bit too much like profanity?

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