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A recent poll by reveals people’s spending habits when they’ve had too much to drink. Nearly 50% of those who responded to the survey admitted to making one surprise purchase. While most people can admit to texting an ex after a few drinks, it’s not commonly known what buying habits occur when people have had too many pinots or merlots. So what do people who buy most often? Here are the results from the survey:

9. Face Masks 16% bought while drunk

8. Collectibles 16%

7. Movies 17%

6. Alcohol Delivery 22%

5. Groceries 26%

4, Video Games 28%

3. Wearble Devices 30%

2. Food Delivery 36%

  1. Clothing 46%

The convenience of online shopping has certainly had a huge impact on this drunk shopping. Have you ever had too many drinks and made a purchase you regret?