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Glastonbury Festival 2022 - Day Three

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Billie Eilish’s upcoming third studio album, “HIT ME HARD AND SOFT,” is generating immense anticipation among fans.

Set to release on May 17th, this album promises a captivating blend of powerful lyrics and innovative soundscapes that defy genre conventions. “HIT ME HARD AND SOFT”: A title that reverberates with promise and intrigue.

Billie Eilish, the maestro of emotional resonance, invites us on a sonic odyssey—a journey that transcends boundaries and whispers secrets to our souls.

“HIT ME HARD AND SOFT”—a symphony woven from the threads of Billie Eilish’s soul, co-authored with her brother, FINNEAS.

Their creative kinship, a constellation of shared dreams and whispered melodies, births an album that defies gravity.  What’s your favorite Billie Eilish’s track?