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Recently, Kevin Costner shared his opinion on DVDs and doesn’t think it is ‘dead.’ Costner said, “The reality of that is the film lives and whatever are the viewing habits, I own it for the rest of its life.

Would you want to own these two pieces for the rest of your life? Hell yeah.” He continued, “And every five years, license them around the world.

Relicense them here in America. The difference is I own that, because of the risk I’ve taken.

Why is Vegas there? It’s for all the people that lose to the house.

Why are studios there? It’s because those movies continue to make money, well beyond their opening weekends.” He added, “DVD is not dead, at all. That’s what they’d have you believe.

Maybe it’s not making the same amount of money, but just try to go ask for that from the studio.

They won’t give that up. A lot of people that like my movies, they can’t get to a theater, and they’re waiting for that moment. You can’t make your film for the opening weekend.

You have to make it for its life.”

What are your thoughts on Kevin Costner’s comments about DVDs?