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Fresh pineapples as a background

Source: schankz / Getty

Certainly! The Rubyglow pineapple has been making headlines recently.

It’s a rare luxury fruit with a stunning deep red outer shell, vibrant yellow flesh, and a distinct sweet flavor.

However, its price tag is jaw-dropping: $395.99 for a single pineapple! 😲.

Exclusivity: Fresh Del Monte, the company behind Rubyglow, grows it in Costa Rica.

They meticulously harvest it, and it takes two years to bear fruit. Only 5,000 of these pineapples were available worldwide in 2024, with 3,000 planned for 2025.

Currently, you can purchase a Rubyglow pineapple in either China or the U.S., but they sell out quickly.

Would you be willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a fruit?

What’s the best fruit you’ve ever had?