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A grocery receipt in the hands of an older man

Source: Vladimir Fedorov / Getty

A new survey asked people if they feel more POSITIVE or NEGATIVE as they age . . . and 18% of people say their mood has become a LOT more positive as they’ve aged, and 26% more say they’re generally more positive.

Only 5% say they feel like they’re becoming a LOT more negative with each passing year . . . while 19% think they’re slowly becoming more of a downer.

33% don’t notice much difference either way.

Of those who notice themselves feeling more negative, the average person says they start feeling more sour at the age of 42.

The survey also asked those people what they have felt the most irritated about recently, and here are the Top 10:

1.  Grocery prices

2.  Politicians

3.  Someone else’s driving

4.  Crowds

5.  Weather

6.  Customer service

7.  Social media trends

8.  “Tipping culture.”

9.  Music that you don’t like

10.  TV volume being too loud.