Best Skin Days Shade Extensions

Source: Best Skin Days / Best Skin Days

If you’ve ever wondered how someone gets “glowing” skin, we have some tips from the experts that can help you achieve that look.

Exfoliate – Get rid of the dead skin cells for a smooth, hydrated look which will help natural light bounce off of the skin giving you that glow.

Hydrate – So important to keep your skin hydrated, especially after exfoliating.  Diet – Several doctors encourage the consumption of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, and leafy greens to assist with collagen production and the appearance of aging.

Makeup – Obviously certain makeups can give your skin that glowy look. One celebrity artist suggests using a face oil as a primer.

Bronze – Use a cream contour to sculpt the face and a bronzer on top for that warm glowing look.

Highlight – Highlighting can help you achieve the glowy look on specific areas of the face. Choose the area and add highlight.

Do you think you have a natural glow? What products do you use to achieve the glowing look? A few months ago Holly Haze did a great skin blog…check it out on her section on here!