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Source: Apega/ / WENN

Miley Cyrus’ newest role as the Creative Advisor to women’s beauty and wellness company, “Hers,” has kicked off with a stunning photoshoot of the singer, songwriter, and actress, showing off her glowing skin.

Miley kept it simple with her hair up in a baby blue towel, wrapped in a white robe with “Hers” anti-aging cream smeared on her cheek. In another photo, Miley is seen with acne cream smeared on her cheek and nose. In a third picture, Miley beams as her skin glows. The pictures were featured on the Hers social media platform as well as Miley’s Instagram.  She captioned the photos in part, “Individuality is something I’ve always celebrated and that includes the way I approach self-care. What I love most about Hers is that the company understands no one is the same and that we all deserve unique skincare!”

What do you use as a must-have part of your skincare routine? When it comes to complexion, who is your skin crush?