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Donny Osmond performs live at the Eventim Apollo

Source: / WENN

Accroding to Donny Osmond, there were tons of perks that came with being a teen star.  He talks about the good life, saying, “It was exhilarating, It was… euphoric to hit the stage, and all these thousands of girls were screaming your name. What guy wouldn’t want that?” He then talked about the low point in his career in the 80s and said, “When I lost my career in the ’80s.. it was horrible. I can’t find the words to tell you what the feeling was of being rejected after selling out stadiums and all this stuff, and then playing half-filled high school gymnasiums. I mean, it’s just horrible. I couldn’t get arrested. Couldn’t get a record deal, nothing.”

His career later took a turn for the better in 1989 with his hit “Soldier of Love.”

Donny has a new album coming out this year.  Who were your teen idols growing up?