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US actor Baldwin fires prop gun on movie set, killing cinematographer, injuring director

Source: Anadolu Agency / Getty

More information is coming out following the accident that took place on the set of Rust.

Crew is saying that there were issues with the assistant director dating back to 2019.

According to Prop Maker Maggie Goll, who worked with Dave Halls on a Hulu show, “At first he seemed like an older, affable first [A.D.] with the usual run of idiosyncrasies, but that facade soon disappeared.”

She added, “He did not maintain a safe working environment.”

In a statement to NBC News, she also said, “Sets were almost always allowed to become increasingly claustrophobic, no established fire lanes, exits blocked … safety meetings were nonexistent.”

In addition, he did not hold safety meetings for the guns on set.

What you ever had an accident with any type of weapon?