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The pandemic has been a lot on everyone but especially for first time parents. Having your first child is hard no matter what state the world is in but choosing the right name can be just a difficult. If you’re expecting and having trouble naming the kid, we’ve got you!

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From our source HUFFPOST, these are Baby Name Trends that are believe to hold up in 2022!

Unisex Names: Kai, Luca, Quinn, Jayden, Elliot, River, Alex, Andrea, Remi and Rowan.

Nature-Inspired Names: Wren, Ivy, Jasper, Parker, Sienna, Willow, Clayton, Hazel, Ashton and Laurel.

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Vintage Names: Nancy, Sharon, Kathleen, Pamela, Margaret, Dennis, Terry, Wayne, Eric and Martin.

Strong & Confident Names: Aria, Alice, Sloane, Nora, Emmitt, Rami, Valencia, Emma, Xavier and Milo.

Uplifting Names: Chloe, Claire, Finnley, Alvin, Elsie, Felix, Isaac, Mira, Winnifred and August.

Interstellar Names: Aurora, Leo, Atlas, Orion, Skye, Nova, Celeste, Luna, Apollo and Soleil.

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Which baby name POPS out at you? Wishing you and your soon to be the best!