Galentine’s Day is a celebration of female friendship!  The pandemic is still keeping lots of us from gathering in person so it is essential to find creative ways to have fun and connect. A Galentine’s Day virtual girls night In can help you keep the bond with your besties strong while having a blast.

I’ve been hosting and planning virtual events for friends, relatives and non-profits since COVID-19 showed up in 2020.  Scavenger hunts, word games, karaoke, cooking demonstrations and even make-up tutorials have been a hit. It’s actually hilarious to watch people learn how to apply fake lashes and use brow stencils. If I wasn’t afraid of losing friends I’d show you some still shots from Zoom parties that would make you laugh so hard you’d snort. 

The Galentine’s Day bash I’m hosting for MIX 107.9 includes games and fabulous sparkly prizes from Diamonds Direct. Madison James, our resident wellness coach, has some fun advice to keep you from ever having to diet again. Psychic astrologer Jane Madey has horoscopes for every sign and 4 lucky guests will receive private, personalized readings.
If you want to hang with Jane, Madison and me on Friday night click here
  • Go with a theme.  Wear your craziest hat.  Have a “Dog Mom Prom” and dress up your fur kid. Make it an 80s or 90s theme and make sure you’ve got Trivia and music to match


  • Play games. I can play a fun 60 second round of BuzzWord or Encore with you to show you how it’s done. Pictionary and Charades are a lot of fun.  Zoom-friendly apps such as TriviaMaker provide templates that look like popular TV game shows. My Free Bingo Cards will generate card so you to play a customized BINGO game.  


  • Bring in reinforcements. Book a psychic for readings, a personal chef for a cooking demo, a make-up artist for a brow and eyelash tutorial or a dance instructor to teach you the latest Tik Tok moves. If you want to go all out you can hire a professional game show host from Game Shows Alive. 


  • Have a wine or tea tasting. Send samples to guests ahead of time.  Buy teas from around the globe and introduce your friends to some great tea flavors. will walk you through a virtual wine, beer, whisky or mixology tasting with a certified sommelier or mixologist.


  • Enjoy or hate-watch a movie or show together. Lifetime and Hallmark movies are perfect for this. Guess the plot within 5 minutes, guess who’ll get killed or if the couple will get married on screen at the end.