Sorry not sorry, but we are here to break some hearts! For decades, there have been beautiful written, produced, and sang songs that seem to be the very definition of L-O-V-E. Yet, in fact they are the exact opposite!

Love songs that aren’t love songs are songs that have a feeling a love mainly by either the melody or the word “love” is in the title of the song. Though, the lyrics a suggesting a break up or something crazier. Here are some songs you might have thought were about love but truly are not.

Blondie – One Way or Another

It’s not about “going to get you get you..”  It’s about being stalked!


Dave Matthews Band – Crash Into Me

This 1996 ballad jam isn’t about finding love.. it’s about a peeping tom… WHO KNEW?


The Police – Every Breath You Take 

“It’s about jealous, control and surveillance” says Sting, The Police Frontman. Not love folks.


and here’s the biggest surprise for some people!!!

Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You

Originally written and sang by Dolly Parton; The song was made because Dolly was going through a break-up at the time. It’s NOT your first dance at your wedding!


Which love song that isn’t a love song SHOCKED YOU the most? Check out our source,, to see even more songs that you thought were about love but aren’t.