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For the past two years COVID-19 has ransacked plenty of major events in the Queen City. One of those events, Charlotte Pride! Well look no more because Charlotte Pride is BACK with vengeances!

In 2020, Charlotte Pride announced that they would not be having pride because of the rising cases of COVID and no vaccine at the end of their colorful tunnel. The was a slight prism of hope in 2021 for Pride to return to the QC. Then the villain, Omicron, appeared from the shadows! Therefore it was canceled again.

Now, in 2022, Charlotte Pride has announced that the Parade & Festival is back! Prepare yourselves for August! The week of August 12th, Charlotte Pride has planned community events, vendors and gatherings all week long! The Parade will be August 20th.

WCNC’s Hunter Saenz had an exclusive interview with Charlotte’s Mayor, Vi Lyles and she said “the in-person events will bring a boost to the city’s small businesses who could use the help, while also showing Charlotte’s true colors.”!

Mayor Vi Lyles couldn’t be more correct! The LGBTQ+ community builds the Charlotte community and gives it a sense of family and fun that everyone can enjoy! Lets get to have some fun and enjoy the return of Charlotte PRIDE!

Check out our source and Hunter Saenz’s Exclusive Interview with Mayor Vi Lyles at!