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John Mayer Summer Tour

Source: Frank Ockenf / Scoop Marketing

Recently, John Mayer has called himself out due to him being classified as ‘America’s Ex-Boyfriend’. John said, “I am America’s ex-boyfriend. I’m America’s ‘I can’t.'” He continued, “I’m America’s—Just, I’m JM. You know? I’m JM. I’m America’s He Who Shan’t Be Named.”  He added, ” “I mean, if you think about it, I kind of am. Because people are super into what I do and sometimes people don’t follow me on Instagram.”

Mayer has dated some of the industry’s leading ladies from Jennifer Aniston to Katy Perry, to Taylor Swift…so he just may be right!

America’s Boyfriend will be in Charlotte with his Sob Rock tour performing at Spectrum Center April 11.

Do you think John Mayer has been mislabeled through the years?