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Do you know the name your parents wanted to name you instead of the one you have? We’re sure it wasn’t “Buza”! 

A couple were having marital troubles when it came to naming their unborn child. The father is a traditional dude, with traditional values. He wanted the baby to have a name with a history and meaning but his wife is quite the opposite. She wanted something fun and unique.

Some of the names: Hoohee, Joejie and our favorite Yabba!

Papa, didn’t take this lying down! Once the baby was born, he went to register the baby’s name BEHIND HIS WIFE’S BACK! She was dead set on “Buza” and he decided that just wasn’t going to fly in the real world..  The baby’s actually name… you’ll have to read our source,, to get all the goo-goo and ga-ga!