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*AHT AHT AHT*  another day, another dollar! We know you want to probably press the snooze button when it comes to daylight savings, but we’ve got tips and tricks on how you can get better sleep come 2 a.m. on Sunday! (March 13th). 


1.Check your clocks! 

  • If your clocks (watch, alarm clocks, etc.) don’t change automatically, get on that Saturday evening before you go to sleep.

2. Change the way you wake up, not when you go to bed. 

  • Dr. Daniel Lewin says changing when you wake is easier than you changing when you go to bed. Try waking up 15 mins before you’re regular alarm to help the struggle of daylight saving.

3. Get Plenty of Exercise

  • Try to workout/be active more. It will help you sleep better and help you wake up easier. Walks before bedtime are very affective.

4. Limit Coffee Intake

  • Make sure you know how much caffeine you’re consuming. Lowering your tolerance will help you stay asleep longer, helping you with the 15 mins earlier we talked about before.

5. Less Nightcaps

  • Alcohol does make you sleepy after so much of it, but it worsens the sleep you have. It’s not beneficial to the helping you with daylight saving.


We want you get the best sleep you can so you can wake up and listen to Matt & Ramona Mornings! Check out our source,, for even more tips to get the best sleep during daylight saving