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Have you ever missed out on $13K by eating something? Welp this young man did and it’s BITTERSWEET! 

A 21 Year Old student, studying in the UK, just wanted a small treat so he wanted to try something different. He never in his life had a Cadbury Creme Egg in his life. He thought it was delicious!

Welp, little did he know that he found a rare half & half, white chocolate and chocolate egg! Cadbury, in the UK, are running a contest that if you find this egg that you could win $13K! Yay right?! WRONG! The rules state that you the egg has to be uneaten to claim the prize.

Too bad for our student friend because he ate the egg and it’s entirety! What in the WILLY WONKA is going on? Do you feel bad for him?

More details of the sweet turned sour story from our source,! Matt & Ramona Mornings!