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Dispatcher: “9-1-1 what’s your emergency?” 

Florida Man: “I think i’ve been sold fake methamphetamine, please send police to check it for me.” 

This is a true story that can only happen in the great state of Florida! Thomas Eugene Colucci isn’t playing around when it comes to his meth. He says he’s an experienced drug user and he wanted to know if he was being ripped off.

He called the police to come and check to see if his meth was real because he thought maybe his drug dealer sold him bath salts. The Police came out and indeed checked his meth. Surprise, surprise! The meth was real!

Colucci stated that he wanted wanted to make sure it was real because if it was fake he was going to report the drug dealer that sold it to him. Thanks for being a good citizen Thomas…

Want to know what the police ended up doing with Mr. Colucci? Check out our source,, and kids… don’t do drugs and then call  the police to check said drugs.