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Not everyone is the same kind of test taker. We understand people learn differently. Yet, Two medical students in India took that to a whole other level. 

The two students were recently BUSTED for cheating at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College in Indore. They were taking the test with 13 other students when supervisors came to do a surprise check up on students.

The supervisors discovered the two students had surgically placed mini Bluetooth’s in their ears to obtain the answers! To a certain degree, if they can do that medical procedure shouldn’t they be able to pass the exam automatically? We think so! Even though, don’t cheat kids… stay in school  and study.

The story gets even longer when we discovered one of the students had been taking the test for 11 years. It might be time to give it up! Check out the cheating details on course, to find out the student’s punishment.