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Ever been in a grocery parking lot and went to a car you thought was yours? Then somehow got into it realize.. HOLY CRAP! This isn’t my car? Well this takes that honest mistake a little further with the wrong AIRBNB!

A traveler finally got to his AIRBNB around 2 am and of course he’s tired. He went to what he thought was his AIRBNB. He walked into the house, found the room he thought was suppose to be staying in and went to sleep!

After a good night’s sleep, he awoke to a knock at the door with a man asking him, “Why are you in my house?”….. WAIT! WHAT?  The traveler answers “This is my AIRBNB”. The man said “Nope. Wrong house”.  This was way to calm for us! Why did the man not call the police? Why wasn’t the traveler freaking out more? So many questions that need answers people!

Does the traveler find his way to the right AIRBNB? FIND OUT on the next episode of MATT & RAMONA! No, we’re kidding. Check it out on our source, and see for yourself.