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Lump sugar in a transparent glass sugar bowl, on a wooden table or background, at home, in a cafe, cafeteria or restaurant. The concept of poor nutrition and lifestyle.

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Sugar is EVERYWHERE and it is highly addictive and destructive. Sugar destroys the immune system and actually feeds cancer cells and other diseases.  Do you even know the actual amount of sugar you consume each day? Holly Haze lets you in on some secrets. “Sugars are added to most foods on the shelves and manufacturers are super sneaky with how they get it in there without you even knowing. This is why it is important to learn to read ingredient labels.”

Here are some of the ways companies get away with adding sugar.

Sugar can come in different forms and different names on a label. Holly adds, “Ingredients on labels are listed by weight. By adding multiple sugar ingredients to one product it can appear as though there are less sugars. To make products appear healthier, companies will use several different types of sugar ingredients giving the product the appearance of less sugar.”⁣ Holly continues,” There are over 61 different names for sugar. SIXTY-ONE! How many do you really know? Companies depend on consumers NOT knowing the names for sugars or recognizing the ingredients.” ⁣

Companies are notorious for adding sugar to foods you wouldn’t expect⁣. That goes for healthy products as well. Protein shakes, protein bars, “keto” snacks, etc. You may not realize that your favorite sauces and packaged goods are full of added sugars making you unaware of how much you are actually consuming. ⁣

Manufacturers use words like “no refined sugar” to make you THINK their products are sugar free. This is simply referring to their products being free from traditional white sugar. However, products containing honey, agave nectar, raw sugar, sugar beet syrup, or other names are still considered sugar. Even sugars with a lower glycemic index provide little nutritional benefit. ⁣

Take away tip: be diligent and learn to read your ingredients. It is best to avoid sugar at all costs. You can use Sucanat (sugar cane naturally) for baking and also allulose or monk fruit if you want zero calories and zero sugar.