Bridgerton Season 2 Episodic Stills

Source: Liam Daniel / Netflix

So you binged season two of “Bridgerton” and still have questions? Well, Glamour is answering questions for you with the help of Chris Van Dusen.  Like, where was Francesca? Chris said, “We, unfortunately, lost Ruby midway through filming due to another project. Francesca was actually written into the season much more than you see her in the final edit. We tried really hard to make it work, but we just couldn’t.” Or why did Edwina’s story play out the way it did? He said, “Yeah, I think that goes to the idea of not being afraid to put our characters in the worst possible situations imaginable and seeing how they get out of them.

That’s what makes good television.” What will happen with Penelope and Colin? He says, “with the Penelope storyline, and where we leave, Penelope and Colin sets them up for some really interesting stories in future seasons. Whether that’s season 3 or beyond, I can’t say at this point.” What was the best part of season two of the show?