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International Sund Swim from Rügen to Stralsund Mainland

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American men are in poorer health and are more likely to die than men in other countries, a new study has found. Conducted by the Commonwealth Fund, the study examined “health care accessibility, affordability and health status” for men in 11 high-income countries.

Of the countries included in the study, the United States ranked highest in chronic conditions, avoidable deaths and mental health issues for men. France and Norway ranked the lowest, according to the Commonwealth Fund. Men in the U.S. were also found to have the highest rate of avoidable deaths, with 337 per 100,000, the study reveals.

Switzerland has the lowest with 156 avoidable deaths per 100,000, per the study.

America’s health is among the worst with diet, obesity and reliance on prescription drugs.

What will it take to turn this around?