We’ve all been there.  Whether it’s being actually drunk or drunk off love, we’ve all sent some messages we probably wished we never would have.  Over the weekend Lizzo taught us a lesson and told us “Don’t Drink and DM” as she shared a video of her on TikTok doing that very thing.

She sent a message to Chris Evans aka Captain America from the beloved Avengers movies.

Now the message doesn’t seem to be too bad.  Just a few emojis, the wind blowing, an athletic woman and a basketball.  What does that mean?!  One follower suggested it was her shooting her shot.  I mean it’s not the worst approach.  Quavo slid in Saweetie’s DM’s with an emoji which sparked a relationship. Unfortunately it didn’t work out but still.  Is she challenging Chris Evans to a basketball game?  That can also be a playful romantic attempt, I mean have you ever seen Love & Basketball??  But it seems pretty harmless even though she’s using a sound that says she wish she could marry him.  She has expressed that sentiment before, remember this?



But Chris Evans in true Captain America form was a true gentleman about it and even poked fun at himself.




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