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Fall festivals and fairs with their wide array of exotic and decadent foods can give single ladies a great peek between the sheets of potential partners. We all know that what and how a person eats can tell a story. So if you and your date head to a fair or festival pay close attention to these things:
1 Talks With His Mouth Full: Lover Lacking Culture
2 He Chooses Your Food: Only Concerned With Pleasing Himself
Young romantic couple on a picnic in the nature

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3 He Seems Unhappy With EVERYTHING: Never Satisfied
4 Very Limited Palate: Not Willing To Try Anything New
5 He Harps On Carbs And Calories: Spoils The Fun With Hangups
6 He Scarfs Down Food Barely Tasting It: Rushes Through The Action
7 He Acts Inappropriately: Won’t Understand Safe Words