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Source: PIERRE ANDRIEU / Getty

Eminem turns 50 today (October 17), and along with reaching the milestone, he’s also celebrating being 14 years sober.

“Slim Shady,” has used his music to detail how he almost died due to an overdose of painkillers around the same time he was filming 8 Mile.

In the last two songs on his album, Revival, Eminem raps on “Castle,” “I can’t stomach, they can take this fame back, I don’t want it / I’ll put out this last album then I’m done with it / One hundred percent finished, fed up with it / I’m hanging it up, f__k it.” On “Arose,” Em writes, “Just heard that nurse say, my liver and kidneys aren’t functioning / Been flirtatious with death, skirt-chasing, I guess it’s arrivederci / Same nurse, just heard say they’re unplugging me.”

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