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Group of friends gathering on a rooftop, people are introducing themselves to each other

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Would you say you’re more or less AWKWARD than the average person?  A new poll on uncomfortable situations found one in four people think they’re MORE awkward than average.

26% of us think we’re more awkward . . . 25% say about average . . . 41% say less awkward . . . and 9% aren’t sure.  Here are the top ways we react when we’re caught in an awkward situation . . .

1.  Avoid eye contact.  37% of us do it.

2.  An uncomfortable laugh or smile.  29% for both.

3.  Fidget, 26%.

4.  Leave immediately, and just remove yourself from the situation, 22%.

5.  Start blushing, 19%.

15% said there’s also a good chance they’ll start sweating

Check out the entire survey..

Click to access toplines_Awkwardness_YouGov.pdf