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A funny little cute girl wearing a ghost costume having fun and dancing in Halloween's season. She's standing in front of the main door asking for candies in a Halloween afternoon day.

Source: ampueroleonardo / Getty

A new poll for Halloween asked 1,000 Americans about the paranormal, and found almost one in five of us think we’ve seen a GHOST before.

19% of people say they’ve seen a ghost.  Here are a few more quick stats on things we’ve experienced but can’t explain . . .

1.  Most who’ve seen a ghost say it’s happened multiple times.  Just 9% say it only happened once.  Almost a third say it’s happened more than five times.

2.  There’s a 50/50 chance you’ll know the ghost you encounter.  Of people who’ve seen a ghost, 29% said they knew the person . . . 29% said it was a stranger . . . 28% said they’ve seen both . . . and 14% weren’t sure, or didn’t see the ghost’s face.

3.  Most ghosts are nice.  40% of people said the ghosts they’ve encountered have been “good,” compared to just 7% who said “evil.”  A lot of people said they’ve met good AND evil spirits though.